Friday, January 25, 2008

Why ns2?

hi world,
Everyone would always run around in the start of their final year for a project. But i got my project with out even thinking of it. My project guide. Gave me the domain and said iam going to do the project in Ad hoc networks. This happened some 14 months back. I was so weak in wired networks itself thinking of wireless networks made my spine chill.
So with no other choice i started working Ad hoc networks got to know abt "some concepts" upto now.

Net proved to be so useful for me. I used to do random search occasionally that itself proved to be informative querying session. I wasnt that much committed with my project. only in the final stages i got a clear idea of what i am going to do.

To simulate the environment we need a software called as ns2 which helps in creating a virtual environment for us.

ns2 is a great tool thought i dont know much about it. Learning that tool itself gives me immense pleasure as people regard it as very difficult. and iam one of the rare species who knows it.

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