Friday, January 25, 2008

D Day-Installing ns2

The day finally came when i needed to install the ns2 simulator.

I was a bit afraid finally did it with out much hiccups.

u can download ns2 version 2.31 from the this link

remember the entire package would be available as allinone (ALL in One).

downloading that proved to be better for me than the individual packages.

the download text looks like this in that page.

Getting everything at once

Ns-allinone is a package which contains equired components and some optional components used in running ns. The package contains an "install" script to automatically configure, compile and install these components. After downloading, run the install script. If you haven't installed ns before and want to quickly try ns out, ns-allinone may be easier than getting all the pieces by hand.

Currently the package contains:

  • Tcl release 8.4.14 (required component)
  • Tk release 8.4.14 (required component)
  • Otcl release 1.13 (required component)
  • TclCL release 1.19 (required component)
  • Ns release 2.31 (required component)
  • Nam release 1.13 (optional component)
  • Xgraph version 12 (optional component)
  • CWeb version 3.4g (optional component)
  • SGB version 1.0 (?) (optional component, builds sgblib for all UNIX type platforms)
  • Gt-itm gt-itm and sgb2ns 1.1 (optional component)
  • Zlib version 1.2.3 (optional, but required should Nam be used)

Currently, ns-allinone works on Unix systems and under Cygwin for Windows 9x/2000/XP. If you have problems with allinone, we encourage you to build it from its pieces.

Download source:

Important:Please check the bug fixes after you finish installation! .

so download that..

installing ns2

u need to untar the files as u download it.

the files would be downloaded on to the desktop of ur fedora operating system.

then open the terminal ">" the greater arrow is used to represent terminal

> su root

(switch to the root )

> cp ns-allinone-2.31.tar /opt/

( this will copy the ns2 to the opt folder

>cd /opt/

( u will go to the opt directory)

>tar -xvf ns-allinone-2.31.tar

(this will untar ur file and create a directory ns-allinone-2.31)

>cd ns-allinone-2.31.tar/

( u get inside the ns2 directory)


( this will install the ns2 simulator)


(this will validate ur ns2)

> vi /opt/bashrc

(press i and type this or paste this)

export PATH=$PATH:/opt/ns-allinone-2.31/bin:/opt/ns-allinone-2.31/tcl8.4.14/unix:/opt/ns-allinone-2.31/tk8.4.14/unix

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/opt/ns-allinone-2.31/otcl-1.13:/opt/ns-allinone-2.31/lib

export TCL_LIBRARY=$TCL_LIBRARY:/opt/ns-allinone-2.31/tcl8.4.14/library

(press esc (plus) : (colon) then press the keys wq )

Simple ns2 emulation program

>cd /opt/ns-allinone-2.31/ns-2.31/tcl/ex

>ns wireless-demo-csci694.tcl

>nam 694demo.nam

ur first nam out put hurray the ns2 is working...

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