Monday, April 07, 2008

Class reference with the code - documented.

if ur looking to study and understand the various classes present in the ns2. This site has everything with the class hierarchy. Nearly all the protocol dependency are covered. with the data types and member functions.... marco... everything is avaliable.

ns2 mailing list

throughout my project i had great help from the ns2 mailing list. the entire mails have been archived in a forum called as nabble disclosing its address below. Give a search in that. And u might find remedy for ur problem. inside that softwares... in softwares network simulator 2

its exact address is this

installation of tracegraph in windows

today for analyzing my outputs i had to install tracegraph in windows. As my tracegraph installation in linux failed. And i couldnt recover from it. So i decided to go for the installation in windows itself.

So i downloaded the tracegraph binaries for windows from this url

The i found that i needed matlab libraries for the tracegraph to work. So i downloaded the libraries called as mglinstaller.exe and did a simple installation and set the path as.


the then click on tracegraph.exe inside the unzipped folder. and the tracegraph would work.

lots of ns2 useful links

hi these are some of the useful ns2 links which i found. This page has such a lot of collections that u can get everything from there itself. No need to search.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Keep ur eyes open -- U might over look something

he he.... ha ha.. this is what iam like when i think of what i just got to know today in ns2. I lost few days of work trying to set the path.. i was so dumb few months ago that i just struggled to see my first ns2 program running. and seeing something in the animator.

But today i went to my other counterpart department in college the cse department. where i found people running multiple instances of ns2. i was curious to find out.

U will really laugh if u know. It was so basic i just overlooked it.

They interpreted their program directly by placing there programs inside the ns-allioneXXXXX/bin folder and they used

./ns .tcl by moving inside that folder in the terminal...

Friday, April 04, 2008

material ns2 and aodv

hi people,
this is some material which i collected for my project. Hope this is useful for u. I have loads of material will put that all up.

Creating a networ topology with ease - TCL File

Do you have any problems with the creation of the tcl scenario and traffic files. Then u can use this jar file which can help u place ur nodes easily. I discovered this from my friends and it was very helpful to me. You will really love this jar file.