Friday, April 04, 2008

Creating a networ topology with ease - TCL File

Do you have any problems with the creation of the tcl scenario and traffic files. Then u can use this jar file which can help u place ur nodes easily. I discovered this from my friends and it was very helpful to me. You will really love this jar file.


Jaya said...

not able to download .jar file...

Edgar Siguenza said...

Congratulations for your blog. I have a question,I need to export a SUMO file to ns2, so i used the traceExporter and the that returns 3 files(mobility.tcl, activity.tcl an config.tcl)but I don't know how to load these files to ns2; this is the bug generated in cygwin:
$ns mobility.tcl
can't read "ns_": no such variable
while executing
"$ns_at 0.0 "$node_(672) setdest 244.36 370.95 0.0""

Please help me...thanks

Housin Eng said...

i have the same problem, did you resoved it